Travel industry of Saudi Arabia is enhancing day by day and so the world is getting new ideas to technology solutions. Understanding the need of travel agents Haramayn Group has come up with some amazing ideas to fulfill their need by providing convenient travel IT solutions. Agents can display their products and services through the feasible platform of Haramayn Label and one can also arrange rooms, flights, transfers, and tours for their clients conveniently. It will help them market their company under the umbrella of Haramayn Group solutions.

All you have to do is to register with us and you can arrange each and every required facility for your clients, using simple and easy platform provided by us. All Umrah Travel Agents can get the customers attention in the competitive and most selling market of Saudi Arabia.

For any travel industry agents are considered most valuable entity so the idea of Haramayn Group and companies will help them reach the huge industry or pilgrims every year. No matter the occasion is if Hajj or Umrah you can give most reliable services to pilgrims around the world.

Once the season of Hajj is over, people start their preparations for Umrah and this is the golden chance for Umrah Travel agents to let their customers avail all the facilities including flights,accommodation, transfers, and tours from a single platform. It’s not only convenient for agents but for customers too, they can book their whole journey with complete package while being at their comfort.

For any detailed information contact our highly professional team through our 24/7 customer support at anytime. They will guide you properly according to your queries. Stay updated with latest travel trends through our portal so can serve your customers in a best possible way.